Berita terbaru dari Satelit Palapa , yaitu ada adanya penambahan frekuensi 3576 V 2750 dengan nama siaran gratis channel TV ( FTA ) TV SHARE. Tentang informasi seputar dunia Islam, music dll.
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Program TV Share

Programs TV Share :

Inspiring Islam
Islam The True Inspiration

This program is about Islam that inspire us in life,The program objective are to show inspiring things to the viewer, with hope that all viewer will be inspired and become a better person .
Most of the content will be event like ;sharing, talkshow , seminar, conference, study and other activity that related to inspiring Islam

Stunning Style

More than just look great

Great appearance will give a better life, not only to us but also others,
This opportunity will share about fashion a man, woman, kids. How we provide adequate sight for people around us.
Give also information how to use and where to get.

Holy Quran

Guidance of life

About Al Quran,the paragraphs and interpretation.

The Best DNA

For Better Generation

Informatif and inspiratif program, in collaboration with social media community like AIMI, doctors, and another inspiring community.
The program will give education and inspiration for the audience how to create and process the better generation, since the beginning.
Period of infant, child, young, adolescent, adult, pre wedding, wedding, give birth, nursery, and motherhood, etc.

Shopping Now

Buy you need and buy now

Sharing the halal and useful product for you, give the real time shopping, request now and get it easily.
What you need is what we offered.

Video Clip

Islamic music.

Inspiring religious music from local and all over the world.

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