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Alat Parabola

Alat Parabola

Perlengkapan Parabola

Toko kami menjual peralatan parabola diantara nya ,

Dish mesh/jaring Venus Silver/Putih 7 feet

Dish mesh /jaring Venus Hitam 7 feetDish Solid Venus Galvanize 6 feet

Dish Solid Venus Allumuniium Alloy Special 6 feet

Dish Solid MMP Galvanize 185 cm

Dish mesh/jaring Optus 7,5 feet

Dish mesh/jaring Optus 6,5 feet

Dish mesh/jaring Paragon 7,5 feet

Antena parabola jaring venus 7 feet

Antena parabola solid 6 feet

Antena parabola mini 45 cm

Antena solid 120cm

Dish mini Viva+ 75 cm

Dish mini KVision 75 cm

Dish mini Venus 65 cm

Reciever Garmedia Gardiner

Reciever Garmedia Optus

Reciever Garmedia LG Sat

Receiver Venus Juke HD

Receiver Venus Inova HD

Receiver Venus Mirage HD

Reciever Kvision Bromo HD

Reciever Kvision Cartenz HD

Receiver Matrix Garuda HD

Receiver Matrix Sinema HD

Receiver Matrix Extra HD Ethernet

Receiver Matrix Burger Mini S2 HD

Reciever MMP Raja Ampat

Reciever Nex Parabola

Receiver Skybox A1 HD

Receiver LGSat Infinite HD

Receiver LGSat New Soul MPEG2

Receiver Tanaka Bomberman HD

Receiver Tanaka Jurassic HD

Reciever Tanaka Nusantara HD

Reciever Transvision HD

Reciever MNC Vision HD

Receiver Topas HD

Receiver Getmecom New FTA 8 MB

LNB C Band Matrix

LNB Ku Band Matrix

LNB Venus Kembar 4 780

LNB Venus 2in1 VLB-928×2

LNB Venus dual out 8122×2

LNB Venus 2in1 VLB-330

LNB 4 in1 Goldsat

LNB Ku Band Viva+

LNB Ku Band Kvision

LNB Ku Band Kaonsat dual out

LNB Ku Band Kaonsat 4 out

Tiang Galvanize 1,5 m

Tiang Galvanize 1,2 m

Tiang biasa 1,5 m

Tiang biasa 1,2 m

Actuator Geotrack

Actuator Matrix

Actuator Venus

Positioner Geotrack

Positioner Matrix

Positioner Venus

Kabel Venus

Kabel Matrix

Dongle Wifi

Tutup LNB single

Tutup LNB double

Dan lain lain.

Alat Parabola
Alat Parabola

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